You Need Cyber Security Consulting Services to Stop Hackers from Nixing Your Business.

Our cyber security consultants will stop cyber criminals from causing expensive damage to your hard-earned business.

Leverage TGT Technologies’s cyber security services to:


Seal network gaps to stop hackers from breaking into your business.



Maintain high productivity levels by shielding PCs from viruses.



Avoid costly regulatory fines by complying with data security laws.



Train staff to spot hackers, not let them wreak havoc in your business.



Prevent embarrassing & costly lawsuits by keeping client data safe.



Stress test your IT system to ensure your business doesn’t fall to a real attack.

With cyber attacks increasing in number while becoming more sophisticated and damaging by the day, cybersecurity should be a priority for businesses at all stages of growth. In addition to such threats, GDPR laws mean that compliance with data processing requirements is no longer advisable, but obligatory.


Data breaches can be damaging both financially and to your company’s reputation. At TGT Technologies, our focus is to ensure that you are protected against all security threats as a first priority. We can also help you to achieve compliance in order to avoid expensive penalties.


Security is our speciality
Cyber crime is advancing at a rapid rate, so it can only be dealt with using the best available technologies. We work with the most up to date tools and services for identifying threats and building powerful security systems for your business.
Your growth is our priority
We are a proactive IT services company, dedicated to the growth of its clients. This means offering you an in depth consultation to ensure we are proposing the optimal solutions to allow you to meet your business goals.

We begin every engagement with a comprehensive cybersecurity review that includes checks on computers, servers and networks, as well as penetration testing and GDPR reviews. Depending on your business’s particular situation, the IT security solutions we then implement may include laptop encryption, antivirus and malware prevention, network security and cloud systems security checks.


Complete protection
Whether to avoid fines or fight threats, we provide services that deliver. We are also able to provide guidance in the Cyber Safe review and the Cyber Essentials certification, which both help to protect against threats and meet compliance.
Tailored to your needs
Every business is different, with its own specific needs. We are sensitive to the individual nature of each of our clients and dedicated to providing a bespoke strategy that will be the most effective for your business.
We offer three levels of managed security to bring you the protection needed at a price that makes sense.

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