Every day, small businesses all over the world rely on technology in some way. Whatever your company, technology dependence is a fact of life. So when something goes wrong and stress levels soar – it’s no wonder you feel frustrated and irate.

At TGT Technologies, we understand that your relationship with technology is very much love or hate. That’s why all of our support staff take a personal interest in your business IT systems – as if they were our own.

Why is our IT Support and Management Program different?

We manage all of your IT systems, from the phone system to the servers.
We charge per user, not per device, regardless of the number of devices being used. This leads to a huge cost saving and no hidden expenses.
We deal with 3rd parties so you don’t have to – you won’t be stuck between two different vendors both blaming each other – we take care of that.
We plan for the future together. You know your business, and we know small business IT support. When we bring those two elements together, we can make sure your IT supports your staff, plans and future business growth.


Our small business IT support services are clearly explained and there are no hidden costs. We aim to manage all aspects of your business networking and let you concentrate on running your business.