Worried about increasing your onsite IT expenses?

TGT Technologies’s cloud services offer easy, flexible, inexpensive hosting solutions to keep up with your company’s growing needs.

With TGT Technologies as your cloud services provider, you are guaranteed:



Extensive experience in your industry to understand your exact needs.



Partnerships with the IT industry’s top OEMs for the best solutions.



Guaranteed compliance with your regulatory and security requirements

What Is The Cloud?

The Cloud isn’t new and if you’ve been using a computer at home or the office, chances are that the Cloud played a part in some way. In simple terms, cloud computing is about storing and accessing data and applications over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive.

Why Does It Matter?

These are some of the primary advantages of shifting to the Cloud:


Reduce Costs – Unlike internal networks, which can incur hefty upfront costs, cloud computing services are quicker to deploy and are nearly always charged on a pay as you go basis. This allows for lower and more predictable operational expenses.
Stay Flexible – With the Cloud, you are able to leverage the enormous IT infrastructures of companies like Microsoft and Google to create an entirely bespoke solution, meaning you have total flexibility to scale along with your business to demands of size of functionality
Stay Secure – Most cloud computing data centers are subject to regular security audits performed to the highest standards and your data is backed up across multiple servers. All of the security benefits typically enjoyed by large Enterprise companies can be had for just £2.80 per user per month!
Work From Anywhere – Adapting to the competitive world of business often means you have to be in two places at once, accessing your important information from different devices. The Cloud enables you to do this, while also making it very easy for workers in separate locations to collaborate.

Our small business IT support services are clearly explained and there are no hidden costs. We aim to manage all aspects of your business networking and let you concentrate on running your business.

Do I Need Cloud Computing Advice?

While it may be true that cloud computing gives your business an increased degree of autonomy, there may be disastrous consequences if everything is not set up and maintained correctly. A single permissions error while setting up Microsoft SharePoint, for example, could lead to company data loss on a huge scale! A very avoidable risk when you choose to work with a team of cloud computing specialists whose main passion is to ensure businesses are correctly prepared for their move to the Cloud.

Which Cloud Solution is Right for My Business?

Having a clear understanding of the various options available is essential when it comes to implementing your cloud computing strategy. Before determining the right one, however, there are certain basic questions, such as “Do I have sufficient Internet speed for the Public cloud?” “What’s the best solution given the file sizes that my business typically handles?”, where professional help can save hours of frustration and wasted expense.

TGT Technologies: Your New York Cloud Partner

Here at TGT Technologies, we’ve been getting to grips with the cloud-based needs of businesses of all stripes for many years, because we enjoy doing it. In that time, we have proven repeatedly that we will take as much care and effort as necessary to uncover the right cloud solution for our customers, then help them to get up and running with it. We’d love to do the same for you.

We have extensive experience with Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps configurations as well as numerous other cloud offerings such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3 or even our own IBM data center in Chelmsford, from which we can offer our customers a fully private cloud. This experience coupled with our sheer enthusiasm to help businesses succeed places us in an ideal position to offer unbiased advice on all cloud-related issues, from choosing the correct solution through to set-up and maintenance.

New clients are quick to acknowledge that the team at TGT Technologies goes that extra mile and that we’re extremely passionate about what we do: getting businesses like yours off the ground and into the Cloud.

Choosing the Right Cloud Solution for You

Our role at TGT Technologies is to understand your needs as a company. While most business IT support companies tend to focus on “what you need,” we seek to uncover “why you need it” and most importantly, whether it will work for you.

The first thing we look at is your connectivity. If you don’t have a reasonable Internet connection (most businesses in central New York have less than 10Mbps – not ideal), you may want to think about a hybrid cloud solution – keeping your emails in the Cloud but your files on your own server, for example. This is just one consideration that determines the type of solution we recommend. Another important question is the type of business you’re in.

To illustrate this, imagine a typical scenario: you’re a New York-based interior design studio and you need to send a large file over the Web. Your accounts manager also uses the Internet and is currently having a video conference with your second office. So what happens? Nothing. The system is overloaded and business is delayed, or worse.

The whole point of the Cloud is to help your business become more efficient, and there are essentially three ways to tackle this using different Cloud set-ups:

  • Public Cloud – includes the familiar Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Work. This solution means your data is held on secure shared servers along with other users’ data.
  • Private Cloud – is as it says on the box. No one shares this space with you, but it is still stored away from your premises.
  • Hybrid Cloud – this customisable solution gives you the choice to store some of your data on the public cloud and some on the private cloud, or your own local network.

Demystifying It All

As you’ve probably gathered by now, knowing which solution is best for your business depends on many variables. The speed of your Internet connection, the type of business you run and the nature of the data being stored all play a big part in determining the most cost-effective and operationally efficient solution.

That’s where we can help. It’s what we do every day for businesses across New York and the rest of the UK, and it’s what we love doing.

Managing a disaster related to your computer network could cost you dearly. The alternative will only cost you a phone call and a free 2 hour on site meet – so we can listen to your needs.

TGT Technologies will help to demystify and demonstrate how your network functions, using simple diagrams to explain technical concepts. The end result for you is that the Cloud can remain as light and friendly as it always should have been.